Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Some Unite or Die! reviews:

Maw Books: "Unite or Die is a perfect book to sit down with this holiday weekend with your kids and learn exactly how the constitution was created. And trust me, perhaps my own recollection of history is rusty but as an adult I learned a lot from this picture book...(more)"

Abby (the) Librarian
: "This is a great introduction to the Constitution and to American government. It's accessible and fun and I'll take pleasure in recommending it...(more)"

Mother Reader: "The book’s style makes a complicated topic more accessible and enjoyable. It’s perfect for classroom use and covers a subject that all American kids will study, even if they don’t have their own class play...(more)"

School Library Journal
: " The vividly colored spreads will hold the interest of even middle school students and would be useful to introduce how our form of government was created ...(more)"