Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Some Quest to Digest Reviews:

Brooke Dykus sez:"This is a great book! It is written so that kids will be interested in the digestive system. The use of the boy and the little green blobby caricature that talks using speaking bubbles. Kids will definitely love this book!"

The School Library Journal sez: "This graphically appealing, colorful, and fact-rich “story” describes the importance of food to the body by following an apple as it goes through the human digestion system. While there is no index, it is fairly easy to find information on each stage of digestion, from eating, saliva production, and movement through the esophagus, stomach, and intestines to the happy ending. Abundant, humorous cartoons and clever text handle explanations of belching, passing gas, and diarrhea. This picture book would be useful for reports, but it’s more for general interest."

The Old Schoolhouse opines: "The Quest to Digest presents the human digestion process from start to finish in a funny yet factual manner. As my children sat on the couch reading to each other, you could see the information was being "digested" as they laughed and smiled. It has been proven that we learn better when we are enjoying the learning process. When I asked probing questions after the reading, both children were able to answer--plus they elaborated and giggled some more."

It was also awarded a Parent's Choice award!