Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Some Shark Hunters (the book) reviews:

Publishers Weekly: "Taken from the pages of Nickelodeon magazine, this charming children's comic overflows with humor, adventure and whimsy. It's the first day of school, and kids are reading their summer vacation essays. Julie has the most interesting tales: they involve shark hunting, rocket ships and hot-air balloon chases ....(more)"

Booklist: "In this full-color graphic novel, Julie and her grampa spend summer vacation looking for the largest shark in the world, Stephen. Meeting Stephen leads to even more exciting adventures, including a quest to find Stephen's mom. The shark hunters meet monkeys at the bottom of the ocean, pirates, and even aliens. Gramma has to rescue them from a couple of scrapes. Their escapades will delight kids who like the Sunday comics. Czekaj demonstrates a wonderful sense of the absurd, and though the tension in the exploits escalates, the adventures are never truly scary. Julie and Grampa get by on their intelligence and their humor, and the results are hilarious. Parents reading this aloud will have as much fun as their children.....(more)"

Read About Comics: "Grampa and Julie: Shark Hunters is totally goofy and the perfect sort of thing for a younger reader to really dig into. The only real constant in the book is that everything’s always changing, but always fun. That’s just the sort of book that kids are going to like, but thankfully it’s just as funny for adults too. Those expecting something a little grimmer and deep are going to be awfully disappointed, but this breezy book is just what I was looking for. Hopefully Czekaj will take us on another shark-hunting trip before too long. ....(more)"

Sequential Tart: "I'm always on the lookout for all-ages comics, due in no small part to the extremely curious four-year-old that lives with me, but also because I enjoy them, too. I brought home Grampa and Julie: Shark Hunters with the intention of writing a review, but my copy was immediately commandeered by my boy, who was smitten from his first look at it ....(more).