Monday, February 11, 2019

This one was tricky, but I managed to piece together an hour of kid-appropriate songs by the legendary Atlanta-based music collective, The #DungeonFamily (who just announced a new tour!). BTW, this mix includes acts that, while not actually members of the Dungeon Family, were produced by Organized Noize (i.e. don't @ me that TLC isn't in the DF). songs by @KillerMike, @Outkast (@Andre3000, @BigBoi), @OfficialTLC, @OrganizedNoize, @JanelleMonae, @GippGoodie, @CeeLoGreen, @Future, @ThisIsNivea, @SleepyBrown, #SocietyofSoul, @OfficialXscape, @bigrubeatl, & more!