Monday, January 7, 2019

HELLO, 2019, my name is still Jef Czekaj and I still make funny picture books and kid-friendly rap mixtapes. Here’s over an hour of CLEAN #MiamiBass. THIS WAS NOT EASY TO DO!! featuring songs by Girls With Attitude, @djmagicmike01, @gucci_crew_2, @anquette_queen_of_miami_bass, #Maggotron, @theofficial2livecrew, @unclelukereal1, #L’Trimm (@bunny_dozier, @theladytigra), New Energy, Byron Davis and the Fresh Crew, Wink-D & Candy Fresh, The Puppies, @thequadcitydjs, Hometown Boyzz, DJ Jealous J w/ MC Gemini, & Crazy L’Eggs